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As a professional columnist, historian, playwright, experienced speech writer and creator of newsletters, Paul utilizes a wide variety of skills and techniques to ensure his efforts work on your behalf.  Conveying the message of an individual, a non-profit organization, a corporate entity, or an agency at any level of government, he is prepared to tailor projects to fulfill your most demanding requirements.

I am an expert at overcoming the blank-sheet-of-paper syndrome.  I am prepared to take on your writing challenge, large or small, and craft the proper message for you, your company, your non-profit organization, or even your government agency.  Contact me today and let's discuss your project.  There is a solution to every challenge and, together, we'll find it.

Paul D. Bagley 

Berkshire Cottage, LLC

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Emergency Management. Law Enforcement. Veterans Affairs.

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Paul is dedicated to the art of writing and conversation.  Possessing a long history with such important topics as law enforcement, veterans affairs, communications, politics and security, Paul is a desired speaker.

Mr. Bagley is currently booking through the 2018 conference season.

Paul D. Bagley is a proud veteran of the United States Air Force Medical Corps where he served six years during the Vietnam and Cold Wars. 

Paul is a graduate of the 41st New Hampshire Police Academy, as well as many in-service training schools.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in American Studies from Franklin Pierce University, where he graduated summa cum laude.

Paul's Most-Passionate Project

The American Flag is the single most-significant representation of The United States of America.  It is a unifying symbol that both electrifies and energizes citizens to patriotism.  As it waves, it signifies our need for freedom, and our belief that we truly have the ability to be a unified and great nation.

Understanding the deep emotional feelings Americans have for their flag begins with a fundamental understanding of the rules of etiquette regarding the display and treatment of our flag.  Paul Bagley is an expert in this regard, and willingly shares his knowledge.  


Historian. Columnist. Playwright.

Paul D. Bagley