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In addition to my writing experience, I offer public speaking skills in a variety of areas, from lectures on U.S. involvement in World War II, to an insider's look into modern emergency services and communications.

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Emergency Management. Law Enforcement. Veterans Affairs.

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Hisorian. Columnist. Playwright.

Paul D. Bagley began motivating people in high school where he was voted the most spirited member of his graduating class.  He carried that spirit with him during his voluntary service in the medical corps with the US Air Force, throughout his federal service with the US House of Representatives in addition to his government service in law enforcement at the local and county levels, and as a founding member and four-term president of a statewide service organization.  

Today, Paul is outspoken concerning that same spirit that kindled the spark within him so long ago.  He inspires his fellow Americans to rise to individual greatness in their seemingly everyday lives by instilling within them the belief that all things are possible when you have freedom.  He demonstrates that by conquering the things over which we have control, and by accepting or avoiding the things over which we don’t, we quickly become the masters of our own fate; the captains of our own ships as we navigate our way through modern American life.

Paul emphasizes that love of country is fundamental to an individual’s identity because the very phrase in Latin that has become our national motto – E Pluribus Unum – means, “Out of many, one.”  A pyramid, like that which appears on the back of a US one dollar bill, is made up of many building blocks.  So too is our nation, made up of many states, and each state is comprised of many counties, districts, cities, towns, villages and ultimately individuals.  Without those many individuals, our nation is not possible.  Individuals, collectively, make all things possible.

Paul Bagley calls upon his audience to continue to maintain old time traditional values while simultaneously grasping new ideas, embracing new technologies and accepting new people into their sphere of influence.   He draws upon his life-long experience in government and in business to present anecdotal evidence that supports his solutions to problems, and he promotes a path for everyone that includes life-long learning as a primary goal.

Paul is a flag-waiving American who firmly believes that true freedom can only exist when our minds are open and our hearts are true.  Freedom is a religion unto itself and, like any religion it must be practiced routinely for it to become a fixture in our souls.  For one to be truly free, he or she must allow all others to be free; free to express themselves, free to go where and when they want, and free to choose their own path.

Paul D. Bagley is a proud veteran of the United States Air Force Medical Corps where he served six years during the Vietnam and Cold Wars.  He is a retired police officer and emergency telecommunicator.

Paul is a graduate of the 41st New Hampshire Police Academy, as well as many in-service law enforcement training schools.  He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in American Studies from Franklin Pierce University, graduating summa cum laude.

As a writer, historian, columnist, playwright and experienced newsletter creator, Paul draws from a variety of experiences, and offers a wide array of skills to craft a message tailored to your needs. 

Regardless of the size and scope of your project, Paul is more than capable of achieving what you require to deliver your message.

Paul D. Bagley